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American Innovations Instructor at NYTOA Training Conference

April 27, 2009 (Verona, NY) -
On April 27-29 of 2009, American Innovations, Inc. provided an instructor to train on trace detection of explosives at the 2009 New York Tactical Officers Association (NYTOA) Training Conference and Expo. The NYTOA annual conference is open to all Law Enforcement, Military and Corrections personnel, from around the region. The conference is an opportunity to learn about the latest methods, tools and techniques from top current and former SWAT officers and instructors from around the world.

American Innovations’ instructor for the NYTOA conference, a retired NY Police Detective, SWAT Team Leader, and K-9 handler (Chris Boylan) demonstrated in his training sessions how to detect commercial, military and homemade (HME) explosives, trace and bulk, and invited other instructors and attendees to challenge the XD-2i with any articles they chose. Whether sampling hands, uniforms, cell phones, knives, or other carried items, the XD-2i performed each and every time above and beyond expectations. Local bomb squads set up challenges where trace explosives were transferred from surface to surface and even person to person, yet each time the XD-2i was able to detect and enable the operator to identify the explosives present.

Of particular interest was how the XD-2i explosives detector could be used by SWAT teams and Tactical Officers. Boylan incorporated into his training session how to use the XD-2i for rapid field detection of gunshot residue, Pre-Forced-Entry Intel gathering for the potential of explosives booby traps, and examination of any unknown white powders for explosives vs. narcotics. The last part was of particular interest given the possibility of detonating certain homemade explosives if mistaken for narcotics and tested with common narcotics test kits.

American Innovations will continue to work closely with and support SWAT, EOD and Tactical teams to advance tactics, techniques and procedures as needed to safeguard our law enforcement personnel as they serve their communities.


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