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US ARMY Test Report on XD-2i Explosive Detector Released

May 13, 2008 (Picatinny Arsenal, NJ)
- The US ARMY at Picatinny Arsenal recently tested the American Innovations, Inc. XD-2i portable explosives detector using 160 explosives compounds, 13 Oxidizers, 18 Inerts/fillers/taggants/etc, 21 fuels/precursors, and 5 confusants. The ARMY XD-2i testing has verified reliable detection of commercial, military, and homemade explosives.

After subtracting 5 compounds the XD- 2i is not designed to detect the final results are as follows:

Repeatability remains at 99.065% 
Accuracy increases from 92.757% to 94.976% (+2.214%) 
Sensitivity increases from 92.604% to 95.426% (+2.822%) 
Selectivity remains at 93.333% 
False Positive Rate increases from 1.402% to 1.435% (+.033%) 
False Negative Rate decreases from 5.841% to 2.153% (-3.688%)  

The XD-2i is a field deployable explosives detector which requires no warm up time, no calibration, no clear-down time after explosives detection, and minimal training. The XD-2i is the first portable explosives detector capable of analyzing and detecting trace and bulk (wet or dry) commercial, military, and homemade explosives regardless of operational environment or user experience. Explosives identification upon detection is also incorporated into the American Innovations training programs.

The XD-3i automated explosives detector was also demonstrated to the ARMY and was subjected to a variety of blind tests. 100% of explosives were detected (trace and bulk) in these limited blind tests and inerts/blanks did not false positive. Discussions are underway between American Innovations and the ARMY to develop an enhanced detection and identification solution to combat evolving threat explosives present in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In-theatre training and support is also being structured to maximize benefits to our warfighters.

The XD-3i is an automated man-portable explosives detector which detects the same broad array of threat explosives as the XD-2i and which performs upon detection the identification and archiving of results. Further XD-3i development is awaiting ARMY support and instructions. Optimized detection and identification solutions to counter evolving in theatre explosives threats are forthcoming.

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