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American Innovations Exhibits at 36th Annual International Bomb Technicians and Investigators Conference

June 13, 2008 (Louisville, KY)
- The International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) held their 36th annual international training conference (ITC) June 9-13 in Louisville, KY. The theme of this year’s IABTI conference was "61 Nations with 1 Mission".

Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialists from around the world gathered at IABTI ITC 2008 to learn and share methods, tools, and techniques to maximize the safety of all Bomb Technicians and Investigators.

American Innovations, Inc. demonstrated their portable XD-2i and automated XD-3i explosives detectors at IABTI ITC 2008. During the conference, bomb technicians from around the world were able to share their detection and identification challenges and learn how the XD-2i and XD-3i explosives detectors could help close their explosives detection and identification gaps.

The Louisville, Kentucky bomb squad tested both the XD-2i and XD-3i with a wide variety of their threat explosives, trace and bulk. Explosives were detected and identified off skin, bags, jars, knives, and a variety of surfaces where explosives were transferred during handling. Additional attendees had American Innovations personnel sample their shoes, jackets, bags, knives, etc. to verify true positive and true negative hits.

Positive detection and identification of explosives from items that were used and/or cleaned weeks or months earlier, followed by no clear down delays after detection were two product differentiators that stood out to many participants of this unofficial testing at IABTI ITC 2008.


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