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American Innovations introduces Explosives Trace Detector at FPED VI

August 14, 2007 (Stafford, VA)
- American Innovations, Inc. (AI) is honored to have the opportunity to introduce their portable explosives trace detector at the Force Protection Equipment Demonstrations (FPED VI) being held August 14-17 at Stafford Regional Airport in Stafford, Virginia.

Incorporating analytical explosives detection chemistry the XD-2i explosives trace detector will detect over 40 explosives, regardless of environmental conditions. Using patent pending reagents, this explosives detector will readily and reliably detect liquid explosives, black powder, nitrocellulose, homemade explosives, chlorates, smokeless gun powders, ANFO, nitrates, nitro-aromatics, plastic explosives, peroxides, nitramines, explosive taggants, and many other wet or dry threat explosives.

Unlike other explosives trace detectors costing more to own, operate, and maintain the XD-2i requires no warm-up time, no calibrating, no downtime after detecting explosives, and virtually no training. This portable explosives detector is capable of quickly analyzing broken cargo, clothes, detainees, liquids, luggage, mail, packages, skin, soil, unattended or suspect items, vehicles and more for trace amounts of explosives. The XD-2i can also be detect Gun Shot Residue, verify bulk explosives, and analyze soils for UXO detection and demilitarization requirements.

Powered by AC, DC, or AA batteries, the AI explosives detector will detect ALL types of explosives in 1 to 30 seconds. Detection time varies based on the type of explosives detected. The specialized color coded and sequential design enables users with no checkpoint screening experience or explosive detection training to easily and reliably operate this explosives detector. Simple step by step instructions are given to the operator directly by the system.

American Innovations, Inc. (AI) is prepared to demonstrate the detection capabilities of their new explosives detector and its ability to easily and effectively be used by anybody without prior security checkpoint screening experience or explosive detection training. We are available to any government agency or private sector counterpart with a mission to detect explosives (regardless of type) and a requirement for explosive trace detectors. AI will prove why explosive detection chemistry is the only effective means for detecting current and evolving explosives threats posed by terrorists.

About American Innovations, Inc:
American Innovations, Inc. is a privately owned small business that provides turnkey solutions to government and military agencies, defense contractors, system integrators, corporations, and high profile facilities. Our ability to satisfy customer requirements and safeguard people, facilities, and high profile assets is achieved through assessments, strategic planning, technology integration, and sensible policy implementation. Creating a safer world and protecting sensitive but unclassified information is our mission.


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