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Lightweight Explosives Detector demonstrated to Marines at Modern Day Marine Expo

September 29, 2009 (Quantico, VA) -
On September 29 thru October 1 2009, American Innovations, Inc. demonstrated its lightweight explosives detector, the XD-2i; at the Modern Day Marine exposition held at Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico, Virginia. Modern Day Marine serves as a premier equipment, systems, services and technology exposition at the military service level.

Active duty and retired Marines received demonstrations of the XD-2i lightweight explosives detector, verifying its ability to detect in a single sample commercial, military and homemade (HME) explosives, trace and bulk. Marines challenged this explosives detector, leaving impressed with the capabilities of this small lightweight device with broad explosives detection capabilities. What impressed most Marines that challenged the XD-2i was how it wouldn’t false positive on common interferents and masking agents known to be problematic of other explosives detectors they are issued in theatre. Some Marines even stated that as a direct result of an overwhelming amount of false positives, many Marines have stopped using certain government issued explosives detectors.

Discussions with Marines highlighted the broad applications of the XD-2i and how it contributes to the counter IED fight, attack the network missions, force protection and sensitive site exploitation. Several Marines commented on favorable XD-2i experiences during their tours in theater, and many others expressed the value a tool such as the XD-2i would provide toward their missions.

American Innovations respects the service of our Marines and continues to work with and supports them however possible. Marines, be safe and thank you always for your service and continued sacrifices.


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