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American Innovations introduces Computerized X-Ray Inspection Systems (CXIS)

October 2, 2006 (Spring Valley, NY)
- American Innovations, Inc. is pleased to introduce their CXIS series of Computerized X-Ray Inspection Systems. Their new line of x-ray inspection systems will satisfy a variety of security and inspection screening requirements including but not limited to security checkpoints, mail and package inspections, air cargo screening, and pallet inspections.

The CXIS Series includes the CXIS-2114, CXIS-2114S, CXIS-2517, CXIS-3022, CXIS-4040, and CXIS-5967. All CXIS series x-ray systems are conveyor driven and equipped with latest algorithms to enhance detection and imaging performance. Scanning letters, packages, luggage, pallets, and air cargo containers for bombs, weapons, and other illicit contraband is easily achieved with this new line of x-ray inspection systems.

We are pleased to offer installation, training, and after sales support services to all CXIS series customers. Every system deployed in the United States is backed by a one (1) year on site, parts and labor warranty. Extended service contracts are available upon request. Service commitments for international clients will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

In addition to the standard operator training that is provided after installing all CXIS systems, optional threat awareness, x-ray image interpretation, radiation safety, and behavior pattern recognition training are also available. Red Cell exercises can be incorporated into our training programs to provide our customer’s senior personnel with the ability to accurately gauge the effectiveness of their x-ray screening system operators.

We look forward to learning about your requirements, educating your personnel, and delivering on our commitments. Thank you for considering American Innovations, Inc.

About American Innovations, Inc:
American Innovations, Inc. is a privately owned small business that provides turnkey solutions to government and military agencies, defense contractors, system integrators, corporations, and high profile facilities. Our ability to satisfy customer requirements and safeguard people, facilities, and high profile assets is achieved through assessments, strategic planning, technology integration, and sensible policy implementation. Creating a safer world and protecting sensitive but unclassified information is our mission.


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