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Bomb Receptacles funded by DHS delivered to Transit Authority

December 28, 2007 (Spring Valley, NY)
- American Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce their deployment of bomb resistant trash receptacles to an undisclosed transit authority, funded by a US Department of Homeland Security Grant. To enhance the security benefits these bomb receptacles are providing for this transit station’s security and the protection of the traveling public who frequent these transit stations, the name of the transit authority was withheld.

Explosives protective ratings and photos related to these specific bomb receptacles have also been withheld for security reasons. Failure to protect sensitive security information including deployment locations, explosives protective ratings, and but not limited to photos for deployed bomb resistant trash receptacles could increase the present security gaps posed by terrorists and improvised explosives devices.

American Innovations has deployed their bomb receptacles at airports, arenas, government buildings, hospitals, malls, military bases, national laboratories, stadiums, religious institutions, transit stations, and universities. Deployment locations are never publicized and references are only disclosed after obtaining permission from existing customers within the market sector being considered for future deployments.


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