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Security Detection Systems & Security Products

American Innovations, Inc. (AI) is pleased to offer security detection systems and security products including bomb resistant trash receptacles, explosives trace detectors, metal detectors, surveillance cameras, and x-ray inspection systems. Our security detection systems and other security products continue to expand to counter new security threats and satisfy common security requirements.

Customers are generally provided multi-layered approaches for satisfying their security requirements, based on pre determined threat levels. Consulting and training services are also available.

Bomb Resistant Trash Receptacles - product information
Designed to look like ordinary trash receptacles, AI offers bomb resistant trash receptacles that have been extensively tested to withstand bottom, side wall, and midpoint detonations without outer wall penetration or creating secondary fragmentation. Our bomb receptacles are available with different explosives protective ratings, exterior finishes, and have been tested against pipe bombs, commercial explosives, and military explosives. To view one of our bomb receptacle testing videos, click here.

Bulk HME Precursor Detection Kits- product information
Ai‐HME kit weighs 6 ounces, fits in cargo pockets, and requires no power. They are being used in Afghanistan to detect HME precursors and rapidly clear substances perceived as bomb making materials. Easy to use and effective, designed by military for military. Made in the USA.
To view our Ai-HME Bulk HME Precursor Detection Kits product PDFs and more information, follow this link:
Ai-HME Kits.

Explosives Trace Detectors - product information
Incorporating explosives detection chemistry, AI offers explosives detectors with unsurpassed explosives detection capabilities regardless of threat explosives, operator experience, or environment explosives detectors are deployed. Government agencies have conducted assessments of our explosives detection capabilities and we’re prepared to forward references and demonstrate our explosives detectors upon request. To view our explosives detector product PDFs follow this link: Portable Detector XD-2i.

Metal Detectors
AI offers many metal detector options for weapons detection and other contraband detection applications incorporating small to large amounts of metal. Ground searching, handheld, walk through, and conveyor based metal detectors are available to satisfy a variety of requirements including but not limited to checkpoint security, crumb rubber screening, loss prevention, mine detection, and food inspections.

Specialty Cameras & Surveillance Cameras
AI offers an extensive variety of miniaturized specialty cameras and accessories for surveillance, law enforcement, image processing, medical applications, factory automation, non destructive testing, and but not limited to military operations. Included are single CCD cameras, three CCD cameras, remote head cameras, extreme low light cameras, high definition cameras, board cameras, and lipstick cameras. To view our camera brochures, click here.

Computerized X-Ray Inspection Systems - product information
The CXIS Series of Computerized X-Ray Inspection Systems available from AI help thwart attempts to conceal bombs, weapons, potentially dangerous liquids, stolen goods, and other illicit contraband. These PC based x-ray systems incorporate the latest software algorithms to enhance detection and imaging performance. Ideal for screening letters, packages, luggage, oddly shaped items and palletized cargo. To view our x-ray inspection systems brochure, click here.

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